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Overview of the Federal Budget 2023 – 24

  The following are all the links to the federal government's description of its 2023 Budget.  At the bottom are the Budget Documents for those that love to get into the fine detail of a Budget.  


Delivering cost-of-living relief


Strengthening Medicare


Growing the economy


Women’s Budget Statement


Broadening opportunity


Strengthening the Budget


For those who really like to get into the fine detail, knock yourself out here.

Budget Paper No. 1
Budget Strategy and Outlook


Budget Paper No. 2
Budget Measures


Budget Paper No. 3
Federal Financial Relations


Budget Paper No. 4
Agency Resourcing



Latest Accounting News

  • Budget breakdown – Federal Government Analysis

    The 2024 Federal Budget is broken down into these five PDFs. Click on each to read more.

  • Federal Budget 2024

    Four main components of this year's Federal Budget can be seen by using the following links.

  • Winners & Losers

    Jim Chalmers has handed down the government's third budget, with a $300 power bill boon for every Australian household, but the purse strings kept tight on other measures.

  • 2024 Year End Tax Planning Guide (Part 1)

    In May and June, we will add two articles to our website that help you plan and take action before the end of the 2023-24 financial year.  Both Part 1 and 2 will cover the following, though Part I focuses on key strategies to manage your tax bill.  All are worth dedicating time to review and think about how your business can organize your affairs in these ways.